Production Line

About us

Over the years, Supercomnet has been managed to improve upon its range of products and quality as well as integrating the entire manufacturing process from copper drawing to the end of products. As a result, it's able to reduce the overall cost, better control and maintaining of good quality products.

The wires and cables produce include Equipment Cables, SR-PVC Hook-Up Wires, Shielded Wires, Computer Cables, Power Supply Cords, Speaker Wires, PU Cables, Jumper Wires, Keyboard Cables, Monitor Cables, Coaxial Cables, Printer Cables, USB Cables, Patch Cord Cables, IEEE 1394 Cables, Fiber Cables and UTP Category 5/5E/6 LAN Cables.

Apart from the finished products, we sell small quantities of partially completed products, such as PVC Pellets, Bare/Tinned Copper and Stranded Bare/Tinned Copper wires to selected customers.