Maximizing capability with
advance facility.

Supercomal Medical Products Sdn Bhd provides technically advanced facility that ensure only the best quality of product are produced by us. These facility also increase the productivity and effectiveness of production. Clean room, Electrostatic discharge (ESD) room and control room are the main three facility that we provide.

Class 10K and 100K
clean room.

The purpose of our cleanroom is to control an environment by limiting the presence of sub-micron particles and modifying inadequate environmental conditions. The level to which the environment is controlled is what separates one cleanroom from another.

Class 10K Cleanroom with 2.583 sq ft.
Class 100K Cleanroom with 2.548 sq ft.

Completed mass production for final Class
II Devices

Electrostatic Discharge
(ESD) Room.

An ESD room is a defined space within which all surfaces, objects, people and ESD Sensitive Devices (ESDs) are kept at the same electrical potential. To ensure all the electronic component
are safe of any damages, we provide a high end ESD room.
Below are the specification for our ESD room.

Space : 26 ft x 22 ft
Spec : 2.5e4 - 2.0e6 ohms for 10 mega ohm spec

Control Room.

Our control room served as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. Our control room are over 
20,279 sq ft under control environment manufacturing ISO Class 8 standard

  • Automation Line
  • Manual Line
  • Injection Line
  • Extrusion Line
  • Tubing Line
  • Braided Line
  • Lab Room
  • Ultrasonic & Special Cleaning Lab