Electrical Wires and Cables

Equipment wires/Hook-up wires/Shielded wires
Speaker wires
Sound cables/RCA cables/Coaxial cables
Monitor cables/Printer cables/Telephone cables
USB cables/Communication cables/Construction cables
Ribbon cables/Category 5E/6 cables
Keyboard cables/Mouse cables
CM/CMR/CMX cables
UL 2646
(80℃, 30V, 28 to 24AWG)
UL 2789
(60℃, 30V, 28 to 24AWG)
UL 2990
(80℃, 30V, 28 to 24AWG)
UL 2960
(60℃, 30V, 28 to 24AWG)

Electrical Molding Cables

UL Approval
Computer cable molding
LAN cable molding
Keyboard cable molding
Mouse cable molding
Monitor cable molding
Printer cable molding
RCA cable molding

RGB Cables

High-quality RGB cables
UL 2919 28AWG 75 (ohm) mini coaxial 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C
Aluminum mylar foil + braid
Aluminum mylar foil + spiral
Voltage and Temperature Rating: 30V, 80℃
Conductor Resistance: 242.02ohms/km at 25℃ (maximum)
Insulation Resistance: DC-500V 100m (ohm)/km at 20℃ (minimum)
Impedance: 75ohms
Molded type on both ends, inner shielding with metal can or copper foil, 360 degrees soldering
Contact Current Rating: 1A
Dielectric: Withstands voltage AC 1,000V RMS
Insulation Resistance: 5,000M (ohms)/km at 500V (minimum)
Contact Resistance: 25m (ohm) (maximum)
Operating Temperature: -55℃ to 105℃

Automobile Plug In Cables

Cigarette lighter assembly
Auto air assembly
PVC insulated low tension cables
0.50mm2 to 15.00mm2 for AV cable
0.50mm2 to 2.00mm2 for AV-f cable
0.30mm2 to 5.00mm2 for AVS cable
0.30mm2 to 3.00mm2 for AVS-f cable
0.30mm2 to 3.00mm2 for AVSS cable
0.30mm2 to 2.00mm2 for AVSS-f cable
5.00mm2 to 20.00mm2 for EB cable
5.00mm2 to 20.00mm2 for HEB cable

Copper and Jumper Wires

Tin annealed copper (0.08 to 1.00mm)
Bare annealed copper (0.08 to 1.00mm)
Single tin copper for insulating [solid] (0.48 to 1.00mm)
Tinned after stranded bare copper [top] (28 to 22AWG)
Tinned after stranded tinned copper [OS-1] (28 to 22AWG)
High conductivity with 99.99% purity of copper content
Oxygen-free with only 0.001% oxygen content
Various dimensions available
Optional packing variations

Cords and Cord Sets

Cable: UL 1185 18AWG
Optional: 2 cores
1 core plus shielded spiral
Voltage and Temperature Rating: 300V, 80℃
Conductor Resistance: 22.2ohms/km at 25℃
Insulation Resistance: 5M (ohm)/km at 20℃
Contact Current Rating: 5A
Dielectric withstands voltage AC 500V RMS
Insulation Resistance: 100(ohm) minimum at DC-500V
Contact Resistance: 25m (ohm) maximum/Operating Temperature: -55℃ to +105℃

USB/Mini USB Cables

USB v2.0
USB cable assembly A-A
USB cable assembly B-B
USB cable with bracket for PC
USB cable connector A type
USB cable connector B type
USB A type to mini USB
PCB connector w/ single A type
PCB connector w/ dual A type
PCB connector B type

OEM Water Proof Connectors

Design upon request
Range from 3pin - 18pin
Shielded and unshielded with diameter 5mm

High-Speed LAN Cables

Cat. 5E/6 Cables
For voice, data, video and low voltage control
It fits in all LAN topologies including horizontal and vertical distribution, plenum and riser
23AWG Solid bare annealed conductor
Solid Polyethylene Insulated
Twisted pairs
Pair 1 : Blue + White/Blue
Pair 2 : Orange + White/Orange
Pair 3 : Green + White/Green
Pair 4 : Brown + White/Brown
6.20mm PVC / LSZH-FR Compound jacketed
Colour-coded jacketed
Operating temperature : -20°C to +80°C
Cadmium & Lead Free (< 5ppm)
305meter per Box

RCA Connectors / Cables

Products are custom-made to suit various requirements
Various choices of cables and plug assembly
2.5mm diameter mono cord
2.5mm diameter stereo cord
3.5mm diameter mono cord
3.5mm diameter stereo cord
6.3mm diameter mono cord
6.3mm diameter stereo cord
RCA - RCA {1-1, 2-2, 3-3}
RCA - Stereo Plug
RCA - Mono Plug
RCA - Scart Connector

Nursing Call Cables

For external wiring of electronic equipment
Stranded tinned annealed conductor
Two-conductor Semi-Rigid P.V.C insulated
Foil Paper tape with filler
Retractile cable keep from tangling and cluttering
Colour-coded PVC jacketed
Rating temperature : 60°C
Rating voltage : 300V

Electronic Packaging / PVC Pellets

Heat-resistant PVC for insulation and jacket
Molding PVC 40P
Molding PVC 50P
Molding PVC 60P


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